Contra (NES) Full Run with No Deaths

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System & Settings: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

This video shows a full, no-death playthrough of Contra for the NES.

0:00 Start
0:10 Stage 1 – Jungle
1:24 Stage 2 – Base 1
2:47 Stage 3 – Waterfall
4:14 Stage 4 – Base 2
6:34 Stage 5 – Snow Field
8:48 Stage 6 – Energy Zone
10:27 Stage 7 – Hangar Zone
12:29 Stage 8 – Alien’s Lair
14:16 Ending + Credits

As usual, this video was recorded from a real, original NES with a real cartridge. No emulators, cheats, hacks, or any of that BS in my videos.

Also, make sure to check out my run of Super C (Contra) 2 –

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